At Veridin Systems, we aim to be the best security integration company in Canada, ensuring safety to all our clients. But while we do that, it does help if businesses take some additional steps on their own to fortify the security.


Preventing illness, injury, violence, and security threats, is perhaps one of the most crucial responsibilities in a workplace. It is up to the business owners and managers to provide employees a safe and secured place to work productively. Though security systems and modern technology can help to enhance security, there are always more that can be done. For businesses, that means following some practices and setting rules to make sure that proper measures are in place.

To help you out, we share a few tips that you can follow to get started on creating a safe, secure and healthy workplace.

1. Follow Provincial and Federal Regulations

The first thing you need to ensure as a business is that you are following local safety and security regulations. This means you have to know the rules yourself, and train your employees. This includes emergency plans, first aid training, health checks and other relevant safety measures. To know more, check your local government website for regulations and guidelines.

2. Health and Emergency Safety Plans

After making sure to follow local regulations and rules, the next thing to do is create health and safety plans that are parallel to the regulations. Specials focus must be given on emergency situations, and make sure to communicate them clearly with everyone. Consider events such as robbery, terrorism, workplace violence, fire, or even natural disasters

3. Involve Employees in Planning

Involving your employees in safety planning is a good idea to make them feel responsible and motivated to contribute to the better cause. They can not only help to promote and practice among themselves, but also provide insights and inputs for future improvements. Office-wide meetings are a time to discuss such topics when everyone is present, and make sure to give them the proper chance to add feedbacks. Anonymous reports can also help to bring about disturbing topics or situations that cannot be discussed directly.

4. Maintain Premises and Machinery

While we focus on the people and the processes, it is also a good idea to an keep an eye on the work premises. That means maintaining a clean workspace, checking and cleaning machineries regularly, keeping exits and first-aids in check, are all some of the extra things you should look into from time to time.

5. Educate your employees

While training employees on safety and security is great, it is even more helpful to educate them in details regarding factors such as laws, why they exist and what is considered as bad workplace behaviour.

6. Using Modern Tech to Boost Security

At Veridin systems, we can help to make sure that your workplace is set up with the best security systems available. Using things such as access systems, panics buttons, fire alarms, and CCTV cameras, we make sure that your business is protected and on alert 24/7.

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