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Strategy is all that matters in marketing and this is the difference between high-growth and low-growth accounting firms. However, experts in global public accounting are saying that it is not about spending big. It is all about the way they choose to invest their money.

The experts took notice of the things that high-growth firms does in their accounting marketing tactics. They have shared the top three marketing tactics that these winners might concentrate on this coming 2016.

Websites and SEO

High-growth firms will definitely continue maximizing the internet in the coming years. It is very obvious that consumers nowadays are always searching online first when looking and buying services. Now, these top winning firms should always update their websites to keep consumers and clients coming back. They should also deploy mobile-friendly and great-looking websites that the consuming public also like, as well as, maximize on search engine optimization or SEO to let those prospects come to their website. This is substantiated by the recent result of an annual study of Acquity Group. They stated that 94 percent of consumers do their homework first and they do it via the internet.

In contrast, low-growth firms are not using their respective websites to accumulate prospects. It just sits there and nothing is happening.

BKR, an expert in the field, also noted that these top accounting firms are using analytics to maximize its own growth potential. They meticulously observe website traffic, getting to know what their customers are doing when in their website and try clever things to boost more on what customers are always spending time with. Google analytics is a good tool for the well-informed marketers.


Most business owners already know that the content on a website is important. So the most common thing to do is add more content that hopefully will boost their ratings.

High-growth firms are doing more. Aside from adding content to their website, they are also doing some more things to keep their clients within their website, varying the format of the contents, as needed. They are also trying to let their clients know that they can share and engage the firm’s website contents.

Blog pages are also updated on a regular basis and filled with key phrases to lead the clients back to their website. If there were good articles to read, why would the clients leave.

Hall, Kristler & Co. LLP, a Canton, Ohio-based accounting firm sets up their blog page to encourage readers and clients to share it on social media. The blog site is very easy to navigate and offers links to the other pages of their blog.

As by BKR International, in 2016, more websites will be content-driven, which can bring in more prospects and generate leads.

Tapping Associations For Prospects.

Top performing websites are also actively associating themselves to associations. Associations consist of members and members are prospects. This accounting marketing tactic will pay off eventually.

High-growth firms are actively joining industry wide associations. This kind of organizations is large in numbers and will definitely visit the accounting firm’s website. After all, person-to-person style of networking is still vital to any marketing strategy.

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