Modern technology is changing the face of bike races. Now, you can hardly find any competition where the latest gadgets are not in use. While some people argue that this trend is crushing excitement and spontaneity in professional bike races, others think this is a welcome change and should be encouraged.

It is now common to find new and used canondale road bikes that have additional electronic gadgets for the riders. Some races now even use race radios and power meters. Those opposed to the incorporation of technology in professional cycling say doing so is equivalent to killing the sport. These changes also seem to favor those teams that have the most resources.

Some fans who support using these gadgets argue that cycling is evolving and that is a good thing. Given that bike races are not conducted the same way they were when professional cycling began, it would seem in order that the sport transitions as more technology becomes available. According to these fans, people simply need to learn to appreciate these technologies as part of the sport.

Other fans who are opposed to using gadgets like power meters say they should not be used in Grand Tours. These fans are saddened by their use and believe that if nothing is done to stop this trend, the sport we all love will disappear and replaced by robotic competitions that are no cycling at all. They also say that these gadgets are pushing cycling into becoming too clinical where riders no longer counterattack, blow up on giant hikes or take risks.

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